St. Louis Cardinals worst lineup of all-time by WAR

Ever wondered what the worst Cardinals lineup of all-time would look like. Well, you are in luck.
Apr 15, 2019; Milwaukee, WI, USA; A cap rests on the dug out wall with the number 42 on the hat in
Apr 15, 2019; Milwaukee, WI, USA; A cap rests on the dug out wall with the number 42 on the hat in / Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports
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Center Field - Luis Melendez: -0.9 WAR

Things are looking pretty rough for the outfield as Luis Melendez easily takes home first place in center field at -0.9 rWAR from 1970-1976. Based on this list, it is not that surprising that the Cardinals did not win a division title in the 1970's. In almost 1,500 plate appearances for St. Louis, Melendez managed just nine home runs and 17 stolen bases.

For the rest of the podium of shame, one has to go way back in Cardinals history again. Rebel Oakes comes in second with 1.4 rWAR from 1910 to 1913 despite stealing 91 bases for St. Louis. Steve Brodie take home third with 2.6 rWAR from 1892-1893 even though he hit .282 in his time with the Cardinals. Rick Ankiel is a modern player in the top/bottom 10 with his 4.1 rWAR.

Right Field - Charlie James: -1.1 WAR

Finally, we come to right field and again we find another negative number with Charlie James and his -1.1 rWAR from 1960 to 1964. James did at least hit 29 homers for the Cardinals, but his 47 walks in 1438 plate appearances was too much to overcome. At least James got a World Series ring after St. Louis traded for Lou Brock and promptly gave James' job to him.

Max Flack takes home second place here with his miniscule 0.3 rWAR in four season in the 1920's. We finally have another modern example of ineptitude as Dexter Fowler's 1.8 rWAR during his 2017-2020 run with the Cardinals took home the bronze. It is probably best not to think about how much the Cardinals paid Fowler for that production.

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