St. Louis Cardinals Top 5 right fielders of all-time

Enos Slaughter Cardinals Color
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No. 1 Enos Slaughter (1938-1942, 1946-1953)

Enos Slaughter
St. Louis Cardinals v New York Giants / Kidwiler Collection/GettyImages

Enos Slaughter remains far and away the all-time leader in rightfield starts with the St. Louis Cardinals. Not only does he have the most years starting in RF (10), but he is the only primary Cardinals right-fielder enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

In 13 years with the Cardinals, Slaughter collected over 2,000 hits and eclipsed 1300 runs batted in, even though he missed three years of his career due to military service in the Second World War. His greatest moment with the St. Louis Cardinals came in the 1946 World Series, as his “Mad Dash” from first base to home in Game 7 proved to be the winning run.

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