St. Louis Cardinals Top 5 right fielders of all-time

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No. 4 George Hendrick (1978-1984)

One of the heroes of the 1982 World Series team, George Hendrick comes in at #4 on this list. A former first-overall MLB Draft Pick by the Oakland Athletics and two-time All-Star with the Cleveland Indians, Hendricks was traded by the San Diego Padres in 1978 to the St. Louis Cardinals for Eric Rasmussen.

In St. Louis, Hendrick was a two-time All-Star and Silver Slugger award winner. From 1980-1983, Hendrick finished in the top 15 in MVP voting each year. In Game 7 of the World Series, George Hendrick shined on the biggest stage. First, his strong throw nailed Robin Yount advancing to third. Second, his RBI single in the sixth inning gave the Cardinals the lead for good.