St. Louis Cardinals Top 5 right fielders of all-time

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No. 5: J.D. Drew (1998-2003)

After the Cardinals' 73-win season in 1997, the team received the fifth-overall pick in the 1998 MLB Draft. That pick was used to select J.D. Drew played one season with the independent St. Paul Saints. This was also after Drew and the Philadelphia Phillies could not agree on a contract after the 1997 MLB Draft.

J.D. Drew would actually debut for the Cardinals in that 1998 season, as his first game was the day Mark McGwire hit no. 62. In six years, Drew accumulated 18.1 WAR and an OPS+ of 124. Unfortunately, Drew, like Van Slyke beforehand, is best remembered for what he did after he left the Cardinals.

And for being one of the greatest Phillies villains of all time.