St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day Roster Prediction 1.0

St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates
St. Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin Berl/GettyImages
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It's time to make our 1.0 Cardinals Opening Day Roster Predictions

Spring Training begins next week for the St. Louis Cardinals, meaning Opening Day is fast approaching. After what was a rather quiet off-season outside of signing Willson Contreras, Spring Training may end up being more eventual for the club than the last few months have been.

The Cardinals have quite a few players participating in the World Baseball Classic, bringing a whole different level of excitement to the team than most years. With that comes increased opportunities for young players looking to carve out a role on the club, as well as top prospects who we may see at some point in 2023. This spring may hold more importance for roster construction than most other years, making these exhibition games all the more important for the club.

Obviously, Spring Training will have a major impact on who will make the Opening Day roster for St. Louis, but even before it starts, I have some pretty strong guesses as to how the roster will shake out. Key battles, particularly in the outfield and bullpen, will shape a lot of what this roster will look like, but even then, it will change throughout the regular season.

The Cardinals' depth this year is something to be celebrated and will be a strength for the club, making lists like this difficult as there are so many players worthy of a chance to play in St. Louis this coming season. Things like roster options, service time, and more may play even larger roles in who makes the roster than ever before.

Here are my 1.0 Opening Day roster predictions for the Cardinals.