St. Louis Cardinals: If Scott Rolen is in the HOF, then why not Jim Edmonds?

NLCS Game 5: New York Mets v St. Louis Cardinals
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One Final Word about Jim Edmonds and the Hall of Fame.

Where does this leave Jim Edmonds and the National Baseball Hall of Fame? Apparently just short.

Although some may disagree, the voters don't consider him the elite defender Scott Rolen is. WAR seems to back this up.

Also, it doesn't seem like he has quite enough postseason awards and honors to impress the HOF voters when compared to other HOF centerfielders.

Jim Edmonds became eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2015 but was removed from the ballot after only receiving 2.5% of the votes during his first year of eligibility. His only path to the Hall of Fame at this point would be through the Today's Game Committee. However, since he was only on the ballot for one year, it's unlikely he will ever be chosen for the Hall of Fame.

But it still leaves the question. Is Jim Edmonds a Baseball Hall of Famer?

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