St. Louis Cardinals: 5 biggest disappointments from 2022

New York Yankees v St. Louis Cardinals
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#2 - The lack of spending from ownership

I chose my words carefully here - I believe this is an ownership spending problem, not a reflection on the front office. John Mozeliak is often criticized for not going out and spending on big names, but he is not the one who sets the budget each year. If the Cardinals are limited to spending around $185 million this upcoming season, then Mozeliak has already spent almost all he can, and any frustrations about lack of spending should be taken up with ownership.

Currently, the Cardinals sit 16th in payroll, which is just unacceptable given what kind of organization this is. Smaller markets like the San Diego Padres and Colorado Rockies are outspending St. Louis. Yet, the Cardinals are miles away from the $200 million mark spending-wise and don't even come close to sniffing the luxury tax line. Nobody realistically expects the Cardinals to spend like the New York teams or even San Diego, but lagging as far as they have is embarrassing.

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Yes, teams can win with major financial constraints in today's game, but the Cardinals are too big of an organization not to use it to their advantage and spend. Money does not guarentee titles, but it does help your chances a lot. It's time to spend, St. Louis.