St. Louis Cardinals: 3 free agent starting pitchers to consider

John Mozeliak
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Corey Kluber
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Corey Kluber would provide veteran experience

Corey Kluber is another 12-season veteran of the league who could be an exciting addition to the Cardinals rotation. The veteran’s pitch arsenal includes a mix of a cutter, a curveball, and a sinker. In addition, he has a change-up that serves as a putaway pitch. 

Kluber’s curveball averages 80.7 mph with a 41-inch vertical drop and an active spin of 54 percent. Combine that with Wainwright’s curveball, and that’s quite a pairing.  

Kluber has pitched in only the American League. With the recent scheduling changes from the new collective bargaining agreement, there will be more of a mix of who the Cardinals will face. Kluber’s experience in the American League could benefit the Cardinals pitching staff as to what should be expected. 

It would be fun to see Kluber get a two to a three-year deal with incentives. It would provide a good experience bridge as the team Wainwright retires.