Slimmer-looking Lance Lynn catching eyes of Cardinals fans as he reports to camp

Lance Lynn's physical appearance at Spring Training has caught the eyes of many Cardinals fans.
Division Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks - Game Three
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As St. Louis Cardinals players begin to report for Spring Training each day, fans and media will pick up on a number of things and use them as indicators for how they are approaching the new season. This list includes things like how early they show up, the rhetoric they are using, their performance in training, and yes, their physical appearance.

The Cardinals' official X account (formerly known as Twitter) posted some images of players showing up to camp on Tuesday, and an image of Lance Lynn has become the talk of Cardinals fans ever since.

Lynn, coming off a disappointing year where he gave up a league-high 44 home runs, has been motivated this offseason to get back to the player he knows he can be, and that appears to include a bit of a physical transformation as well.

While Lynn doesn't fit the profile of a guy who can slot in as a number two starter for St. Louis this season, he does boast the kind of stuff that could, if things go right, play up into a higher role than what is expected of him this year. The Cardinals are expecting Lynn to shore up the back end of their rotation, which was a major flaw for the club in 2023. But if Lynn truly is ready to have a "bounce back" season, he could pitch like the second-best starter on this roster.

Lynn is also expected to bring leadership to the Cardinals pitching staff and clubhouse, something they've been very vocal about needing this offseason. Lynn is a fiery, no-nonsense kind of guy, and will not be afraid to speak up when he needs to. He's also a fun guy to have around and appears to have caught the attention of many in Jupiter with the car he rolled up in.

Keep an eye on Lynn as camp unfolds, as he's already looking like a player who is out to exceed expectations in 2024.