Revisiting Redbird Rants' writers' preseason predictions

It's time we writers hold ourselves accountable.
Arizona Diamondbacks v St. Louis Cardinals
Arizona Diamondbacks v St. Louis Cardinals / Dilip Vishwanat/GettyImages
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Most Accurate Prediction

This nomination was challenging, as several writers are very close with their predictions. I've decided to remove specific player nominations from this category and instead focus on the bold predictions and team summaries to find this award's winner.

Therefore, the most accurate prediction goes to Greg Simons for predicting the Cardinals to win 86 games and get into the playoffs as a Wild Card team. They currently hold the second Wild Card spot and are 2.5 games ahead of the first team out of the playoffs, the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Cardinals are on pace to win about 85 wins, so Greg is about as accurate as can be at the moment.

Least Accurate Predictions

You'll notice this award is plural as opposed to the previous one. Predictions rarely end up being accurate, so it makes sense that more were wrong than they were right.

I stated that 7 players would hit 20 or more home runs, and barely 3 players are on pace to surpass that mark. Miranda Remaklus believed the team to be a 95-win bunch with a World Series victory in their grasp. Taylor Streiff predicted Oliver Marmol would be fired halfway through the season due to a repeat of 2023 and for front office members to be cut loose at the end of the season. Andrew Wang said that Lars Nootbaar would be an All-Star.

Josh Jacobs said the Cardinals would have a top-3 offense, and they're not even in the top half of the league. Kareem Haq said the team would finish with a top-5 bullpen ERA, and that figure sits 12th-best in baseball currently. Greg Simons and Miranda Remaklus believed that Victor Scott II would play a major role this year with the former predicting 40 stolen bases out of the rookie.

Making predictions is fun yet challenging. Rarely are preseason predictions for a 162-game season filled with volatility accurate; that was the case for the writers here at Redbird Rants. How are your preseason predictions going so far?