Revisiting Redbird Rants' writers' preseason predictions

It's time we writers hold ourselves accountable.
Arizona Diamondbacks v St. Louis Cardinals
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Most Accurate Category

The most accurate category was the 2-sentence summary section. Here, most writers took to predicting the team's record and playoff potential. 6 writers pegged the Cardinals for somewhere between 82 and 86 wins with either a Wild Card birth or a near miss in the playoffs. Those predictions are within the margin of error for the remainder of the season.

Least Accurate Category

Breakout pitcher was by far the least accurately predicted category. Only one person, Miranda Remaklus, had an accurate prediction with her choice of Sonny Gray. Other names listed included Riley O'Brien (Injured List), Zack Thompson (demoted to AAA), Tink Hence (still in Double-A and possibly injured), Andre Pallante (5th starter, so close!), and Nick Robertson (12.1 IP, 4.38 ERA). These are all flops as predictions.

Unsettled Predictions

There are still some predictions that have yet to be settled. Kareem Haq listed Ivan Herrera as the breakout hitter, and this was certainly true for a time, but a back injury has limited his playing time in June, his best month so far. If he returns and continues to hit well as a designated hitter or backup catcher, this prediction could come true.

Cliff Williams believed that Paul Goldschmidt would be traded this year at some point. The trade deadline is near, and Goldy could still be moved. It may be unlikely given the team's playoff push, Goldschmidt's underperformance, and his contract situation, however.

Once again, depending on Pallante's performance as a fifth starter for the rest of the year and your opinions on depth pitchers in general, Andre Pallante could actually be the team's breakout pitcher of sorts this year. We'll have to see what comes of the fifth rotation spot at the upcoming trade deadline.