Revisiting my 7 bold predictions for the Cardinals 2023 season

Today I'm taking a look back at my bold predictions for the 2023 season. Some were right, some were dead wrong, and others were on the right track.
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Prediction #6 - The Cardinals will have six All-Stars this year

Well, the Cardinals had only one All-Star in 2023 in the aforementioned Nolan Arenado, but there's a real argument that two players were snubbed from last year's roster, and a few more couple have had strong arguments with better health.

Willson Contreras should have been in the All-Star game over Elias Diaz, but Diaz got the nod for being the Rockies' lone All-Star in 2023. Contreras had a cold spell early in the season at the plate and had the weird situation where he was removed from his catching duties for a week, but he rebounded well and made enough of a push to make the roster in my opinion.

Nolan Gorman had an ice-cold month of June that brought his numbers down significantly, but in almost every other month of the season, he was one of the best hitters in baseball.

March/April - 135 wRC+

May - 155 wRC+

June - 22 wRC+

July - 152 wRC+

August - 80 wRC+

Sept/Oct - 145 wRC+

The timing of Gorman's horrible month at the plate really hurt his All-Star chances, and had he even just been below-league average at the plate that month, he would have been the clear choice over Geraldo Perdomo, and honestly, I think he should have been selected anyways.

Paul Goldschmidt had a case to make the roster but I understand why he did not over Freedie Freemen, Matt Olsen, and Pete Alonso this past year. He was 10% better at the plate statistically than Alonso in the first half though, so I still count him as a snub.

So I really do think the Cardinals should have had four All-Stars in 2024, and if Ryan Helsley had been healthy, my guess is he would have made it too. Still, this bold prediction did not go well for me.

Prediction #6 - Way off...but it should have been closer