Revisiting my 7 bold predictions for the Cardinals 2023 season

Today I'm taking a look back at my bold predictions for the 2023 season. Some were right, some were dead wrong, and others were on the right track.
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
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Prediction #2 - Cardinals trade for a front-line starter at the deadline

Obviously, this did not happen, and instead, the Cardinals actually traded away a front-line starter at the trade deadline in Jordan Montgomery.

What I will say about this prediction is it sounds like this is something the Cardinals were prepared to do if they were in contention in July. Mozeliak stated this offseason that they planned to reach the $200 million payroll marker for the first time in franchise history but instead sold at the deadline because they were out of it. This would have left plenty of room to add a significant piece or two to the club via trade during the season.

One thing that could have hindered this pursuit for the Cardinals was the lack of front-end pitching available at the deadline. Perhaps they would have traded for one of Max Scherzer or Justin Verlander, because again, they had the financial flexibility to take on significant salary, and I'm sure they would have been drawn to the short-term commitment those two had. But outside of those two and Montgomery, there really wasn't "front-line pitching" being moved via trade.

Dylan Cease was dangled by the White Sox for a little bit in July, so maybe he would have been in St. Louis somehow. Maybe the Seattle or Miami talks could have actually gained traction. All of those things are complete unknowns because of how the season went.

Regardless, the more pressing issue is the fact that the Cardinals allowed their pitching staff to fall apart so badly that they had to be sellers at the deadline. They've made progress toward not allowing that to happen again in 2024, but I think we can all agree we'd like to see them add more pitching to make this rotation look a lot better for the upcoming season.

Prediction #2 - Wrong, but it sounds like that was the plan for St. Louis.