Redbirds report card: Grading the Cardinals' moves over the offseason

After a flurry of moves to restock the cupboard for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2024, here is how I would grade each major transaction the team made.
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Cardinals sign Kyle Gibson

The Cardinals' signing of Kyle Gibson shows that they have joined the sweeper revolution, as the former Baltimore Oriole drastically upped his usage of the trendy pitch in 2023, throwing it 18.5% of the time, compared with only 3.3% in 2022.

Gibson's sweeper led him to be less effective against left-handed hitters in 2023, against whom he allowed a .292 batting average and a .349 weighted on-base average. However, in contrast to Lance Lynn, Gibson has little risk to his profile given the low reliance on his below-average fastball, and he should be able to slot in the middle or toward the back of the Cardinals rotation with ease.

While other teams are deemphasizing innings for starting pitchers, the Cardinals are going the other way, looking for pitchers who can lessen the burden on their bullpen. Much like Lynn, Gibson is a durable pitcher who can eat innings. Since debuting in 2014, Gibson has started 294 games, which is more than any other pitcher in baseball over that period.

At 36, Gibson is unlikely to find a new level to his game, but continued use of his sweeper should help him neutralize right-handed batters. If he can find a pitch that gives him a chance against lefties as well, Gibson could be a stronger addition to the rotation than many fans expect.

Grade: B-