Re-ranking the value of the Cardinals' 10 best young position players

The Cardinals young position players continue to steal the headlines for the club, and it makes ranking their value is becoming increasingly more difficult.
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4. Masyn Winn (Previous ranking: #5)

Masyn Winn got a cup of coffee in St. Louis at the end of 2023, struggling big time at the plate and causing some fans who were excited about him last season to get a little bit nervous about his future.

Winn, at every level he's been promoted to professionally, has had a period of struggles at the plate before truly unlocking himself at the plate. Winn's .468 OPS in 122 at-bats last year was not pretty, but he looks like a completely different player in 2024.

In 43 at-bats so far, Winn is slashing .349/.356/.465 and has delivered multiple clutch hits for this Cardinal club. Last year, Winn looked overmatched at the plate. This year, Winn looks confident and in control every time he steps into the box.

Will will not be an .800+ OPS guy this season, but as the 8th or 9th hitter in the Cardinals lineup each day, he doesn't need to be. But the Winn we are seeing this year helps the bottom of the Cardinals' order become dynamic, capable of scoring runs at any time. Winn's speed isn't as game-breaking as Scott's but it does help him leg out triples (he has two already this year), swipe bags (two of those as well), and put pressure on the opposition.

Winn's arm, like Scott's speed, is a true 80-grade tool and capable of making plays that no one else can in this league. Winn's glove has taken a step forward this year as well, and so Winn is quickly becoming a guy who will challenge for Gold Glove awards for years to come.

Why is Winn above Gorman on this list? That's a great question. Winn is showing that his offense may be above average sooner than we thought, and once he begins to tap into his power a bit, he may take another major step forward. Winn will play elite defense at one of the most important positions for years to come, and his base running just adds to the equation. Even when Winn isn't hitting, he'll provide value in a multitude of ways.

The Cardinals passed on the elite shortstops who were free agents in recent winters due to the impending debut of Winn, and right now, he's looking the part of a future star himself.