Rating how concerned we should be about slow starts from different Cardinals' bats

Which of the Cardinals cold bats should we be concerned about?
Miami Marlins v St. Louis Cardinals
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The St. Louis Cardinals' offense continues to underwhelm this year, and while I'm of the belief that the lineup will hit its stride sooner rather than later, not every hitter's slow start should be treated equally.

Brendan Donovan, Masyn Winn, Ivan Herrera, and Willson Contreras have all swung hot bats so far this year, so it's not like everyone has gone cold. But there are multiple big bats in their lineup that haven't found their groove yet, as well as some of their young bats.

I'm going to go through the five bats that have gone cold to start the year and rate my concern level on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being no concern and 10 being I'm freaking out.

Victor Scott II

I'm going to keep saying this, I am a huge fan of Victor Scott II and believe he has a bright future in this league. But it's hard to not look at his .091 batting average through 5 at-bats and wonder if it's time for him to head to Memphis to work on his swing.

Obviously, his defense and base running is super valuable, but a lot of that base running value is muted by only getting on base at a .148 clip so far, and I'm not sure his defense can do enough to make up for his slow start at the plate.

I understand the argument that Scott's offense is not needed for this club to be successful, but I think that would be fair to say if he was hitting closer to .200 at the plate, rather than sub-.100. I'm worried about what this may do to his long-term development, and the Cardinals' could double the offensive production they are getting from Scott if they replace him with a .600 OPS guy or higher.

They don't need to make an immediate move here, but if Scott is still batting below .100 by the time they return to St. Louis for their next homestand, I don't see why they wouldn't rip the bandaid off and roll with Michael Siani and Lars Nootbaar in center field until Tommy Edman and Dylan Carlon return.

Concern level: 9