Ranking who deserves blame for the Cardinals' issues with Willson Contreras

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs
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#3 - The Coaching Staff

When asked by Jeff Jones how much they've changed their process as a team to accommodate Contreras behind the plate, Oli Marmol said the following.

""Hmm-mm, no. We haven't altered the way we think through our preparation. At the moment, it's the other way around. We are making sure that he understands the full process of how we think through a game plan. Saying that he's more than putting in the work is an understatement.""

Oli Marmol

It's hard to say how much of that comes from the front office versus how the coaching staff wants to prepare, but the fact that they are asking Contreras to do all of the accommodating to replace a Hall of Famer catcher is ridiculous. There is only one Yadier Molina, so if you expect your next catcher to do everything he did, you set them up for failure.