Ranking the St. Louis Cardinals' uniforms now that their City Connect has dropped

With the release of the Cardinals' City Connect Uniforms, the team now has a total of 5 jersey sets. Which is the best?
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
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2. Cream Jerseys

I wavered on first and second place jerseys. I love both the cream jerseys that are worn on Saturday home games and the Victory Blue jerseys, but the history of the blues make me want to place them first.

The cream uniform was first introduced during the 2013 season, and it almost immediately became a fan favorite. They are a bit of a "fauxback" with the classic "St. Louis" lettering on the front instead of it reading "Cardinals". The Birds on the Bat are still present. Red trim can be found on the sleeves and down the middle of the jersey.

Those who are history buffs (or general fans of Dizzy Dean) will recognize the font from the 1932 Cardinals jerseys. Those, too, had "St. Louis" on the chest with the classic Birds on the Bat. The cream color is reminiscent of the old home flannel jerseys worn in the 1930's and 1940's.

J.P. Hill of VivaElBirdos called these jerseys "Disney-fied" due to the larger, sillier font, and while I may disagree with him on the appearance of the font, I can agree with him on one point. Hill did compliment the cream and flannel appearance as an homage to the olden days, and I concur with that sentiment.

These cream jerseys blend the old with the new, and the unique color combination of the cream and red are stunning in my eyes. The Cardinals were one of the last organizations to bring in an alternate jersey, but I for one am happy they went with this design.