Ranking the St. Louis Cardinals' uniforms now that their City Connect has dropped

With the release of the Cardinals' City Connect Uniforms, the team now has a total of 5 jersey sets. Which is the best?
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals / Scott Kane/GettyImages
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3. Home Whites

These uniforms are clean, classic, and stylish all at the same time. The "Cardinals" font and Birds on the Bat are the same as the road grays, but the colors pop much better off the white than the gray in my opinion. The Birds on the Bat and "Cardinals" logo is the same one that is used on the road gray jerseys, and it has been in use since 1999.

While these may be the jerseys we see the most often, it's tough to tire of them. They are classic, timeless, clean, and stylish. The red cap matches the red trim and logo styling. On Sunday home games, the team will wear the navy hat, and I don't enjoy that combination as much as the road grays and the navy hat.

On the whole, the team's home white jerseys are timeless. They bring back memories of championships, on-field celebrations, and stars of the past decades. While these may not be the flashiest of uniforms, they are aesthetically pleasing. The Cardinals' home white jerseys will stand the test of time.

The Cardinals' home white jerseys are among the best in all of baseball. Few other teams can claim supremecy with such a simple and classic jersey. Bleacher Report agreed with this sentiment, as they ranked the Cardinals' uniform collection the second-best in all of baseball primarily due to steady home and road sets paired with bold and honorable alternate.