Ranking the St. Louis Cardinals' best draft classes of the last decade

We looked back and ranked the last decade of Cardinals' drafts. Which do you think took the top spot?
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Number 6: The 2019 Draft Class

Notable Names: 1) Zach Thompson; 2) Tre Fletcher; 3) Andre Pallante; 4) Connor Thomas

This ranking could – and hopefully should – rise in future years but this is ultimately a disappointing class so far. Zach Thompson hasn’t been able to find traction and a return to the bullpen will hopefully include a return to form for him.

Second-round pick Tre Fletcher has already been released and Andre Pallante is the only other member of the draft class to make it to the majors. 

It’s a lackluster class but, like I said, there’s still room for hope.  Pallante could be an important factor in the bullpen and Thompson may still grow into a starter’s role.  And don’t forget Connor Thomas, who had an impressive Fall League.