Ranking the St. Louis Cardinals' best draft classes of the last decade

We looked back and ranked the last decade of Cardinals' drafts. Which do you think took the top spot?
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Number 8: The 2017 Draft Class

Notable Names: 1) Scott Hurst; 2) Kramer Robertson; 3) Jake Walsh; 4) Kodi Whitley

Easily the biggest dud of the last ten years, but remember the Cardinals had no first or second-round picks this year.  Scott Hurst has yet to debut, while Kramer Robertson played all of two games after his 2022 debut and Jake Walsh rang up a 13.50 ERA in his three games last season.

Kodi Whitley was very effective out of the bullpen in 2021 but regressed last year and has been stuck in Memphis in 2023. His reemergence could save this class but, until then, it will have to make do with its last-place ranking.