Ranking the St. Louis Cardinals' best draft classes of the last decade

We looked back and ranked the last decade of Cardinals' drafts. Which do you think took the top spot?
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Number 1: 2020 Draft Class

Notable Names: 1) Jordan Walker; 2) Masyn Winn; 3) Tink Hence; 4) Alec Burleson; 5) Ian Bedell

Is it too controversial to rank this in the number one spot? Or is it more of a sign of relentless optimism? Whatever the case, it’s pretty incredible that in a draft with only five picks, the Cardinals seem to have found three franchise cornerstones and an outfielder who has already made it to the majors.

Jordan Walker is the team’s most-hyped prospect since Oscar Tavares and, sometimes shaky outfield defense aside, his time in the majors has done nothing to dent his shine.  Masyn Winn and Tink Hence, both top 100 prospects, represent a bright future, with Winn likely taking over at shortstop in 2024 and Hence hopefully joining the rotation in the next few years.  Alec Burleson is already contributing in the majors and Ian Bedell offers considerable upside.


Does it make me a hypocrite that I baked so much hope into this top spot? Probably, but these are my rankings! In a season that’s been filled with one rock-bottom loss after another, some hope and optimism is needed, and daydreaming about the potential of this class is just what the doctor ordered.

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