Ranking the St. Louis Cardinals' 5 biggest needs after the trade deadline

The Cardinals need to build upon a strong trade deadline by fixing their biggest holes this offseason
St. Louis Cardinals v Arizona Diamondbacks
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2. Number two starter

Now we are getting to the real big needs. Before we get to the number one need on this list, we need to make it clear, the Cardinals need two new options ahead of Miles Mikolas on the depth chart.

Depending on how they address this need will impact how they can address their top need, and vice versa. Depending on how many dollars, or how strong of trade chips, they use to address either need will significantly affect how they can go about the other.

Unlike their top need, addressing the number two starter role could come in a variety of different ways this offseason. If the Cardinals jump into the free agent market for their number two starter, someone like Lucas Giolito, Sonny Gray, or Jordan Montgomery could fit the bill. One name they've been directly linked to that may have the most upside and come at a good price would be Japanese starter Shota Imanaga, who the club has already scouted and could be posted this offseason.

If the Cardinals can address this need as well as their top need, I really do see this being a quick turnaround for the club. If not, they will be in major trouble.