Ranking the ceilings of the St. Louis Cardinals' middle infielders

St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day
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#1 - Masyn Winn

Coming into Spring Training, I was excited to see what tools Masyn Winn would flash but fully expected him to look overmatched by the pitching and learn some things about himself as he looks to develop down in Triple-A Memphis. Little did I know, Winn would show that he may actually be ready to play in St. Louis, sooner rather than later.

Over the six games he has played thus far, Winn is slashing .400/.471/.600 with 1 HR, 2 RBI, and 2 SB while showing off his elite defensive skills. We have known for a while now that Winn has an elite arm, consistently setting records and feats with each throw he makes from shortstop. The question for Winn has always been whether or not his bat would show up, and to this point, he has far exceeded any expectations I had of him.

Winn has the ability to be a highlight-reel player in every phase of his game. His ceiling is the kind of player who makes web gem worthy plays every week, steals based with the best in the league (he stole 43 last season), and is a very productive hitter at the plate. He doesn't have the raw power of a Gorman or Jordan Walker, but I would not be surprised to see him hit 15-20 HRs in any given season, be toward the top of baseball in doubles, and be an All-Star player at the plate as well as the field if that ceiling is met.

Winn, along with Gorman, are the two riskiest players in this group as well. But we have to remember that he is just 20 years old. Players at his age are not supposed to be knocking on the door of the big leagues while flashing elite tools and already showing the ability to produce. The fact that Winn is doing that, and doesn't seem phased by any of the pressure shows that he has the chops to be an elite player in today's game.

The question with Winn, like all exciting prospects, is whether or not he can continue on that trajectory over the coming years. If he continues to pass each test that comes his way, the league better be on notice.

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