Ranking the ceilings of the St. Louis Cardinals' middle infielders

St. Louis Cardinals Photo Day
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The Cardinals have so much young talent in their middle infield, but who has the highest ceiling?

This time last year, the St. Louis Cardinals were looking at a lot of question marks regarding their middle infield. Paul DeJong's fall from grace was apparent, and some were even questioning Tommy Edman's ability to be an everyday player. Nolan Gorman boasted a ton of potential, but it had yet to be seen at the big-league level. Heck, who can forget about Edmundo Sosa?

As we sit today, the Cardinals are not only in a much different position regarding that middle infield, but now you could call that position group an area of strength. While I and many others have at various points advocated for the signing of one of the superstar shortstops available the last two offseasons, the Cardinals continued to trust in their up-and-coming talent to fill the gaps. So far, it looks like that bet is paying off for St. Louis.

Edman established himself as a top-ten shortstop in baseball last season, becoming an above-league-average hitter at the plate and pairing that with elite speed and defense. Gorman flashed some of that game-changing power during his rookie season and has shown strides defensively this spring. Masyn Winn, who has been widely expected to be a year or so away from the big leagues, looks to have matured at the plate and is impressing manager Oli Marmol. And no one can forget about the breakout prospect of 2022, Brendan Donovan.

I've had this conversation before with the young outfield the Cardinals' have, but it's worth breaking down the ceilings of the Cardinals' infield options, specifically Edman, Gorman, Winn, and Donovan. I'm sure there will be a ton of debate about this list, but this is how I would rank the ceilings of each player.