Ranking the Cardinals' top 8 trade targets after the MLB GM Meetings

The Cardinals have a long list of pitchers they could trade for this offseason based on the information we received at the GM Meetings.
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#7 - Clayton Beeter (New York Yankees)

Derrick Goold of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has reported (subscription required) that the Yankees have interest in some of the Cardinals' young bats, namely Brendan Donovan and Alec Burleson. They were also interested in Dylan Carlson at the trade deadline, but it's not clear if their interest is still there.

One name the Cardinals reportedly have interest in from the Yankees is prospect Clayton Beeter, he posted a 3.62 ERA in 27 games across Double-A and Triple-A last season. One of the major appeals here is his swing and miss stuff, as he struck out 165 batters in 131.2 innings of work in 2023.

Acquiring a guy like better for Carlson or maybe even Burleson could make sense for both sides, but I do not see a scenario that makes sense for the Cardinals to send Donovan to New York. They do not have any young pitching that makes sense for St. Louis on that level, and so if their hearts are set on him, the Cardinals should not be entertaining that. Goold's report has said that the Yankees have viewed both Donovan and Burleson as potential targets, but has said nothing about the Cardinals feeling the same way.

Beeter, like Kopech, could make a lot of sense as a fifth starter in 2024 who could also end up in the bullpen as well. His stuff clearly plays, and even if he is not starting for St. Louis, he should be able to be a very effective reliever in the immediate future.

If the Cardinals choose to invest high dollars to their top two pitching targets, then someone like Beeter would make sense to acquire at a low salary but high upside. If I had to bet, the Yankees and Cardinals won't make a deal unless it involves one of the Cardinals smaller pieces, but only time will tell.