Ranking the Cardinals 10 most realistic starting pitching fits this offseason

There are a lot of pitchers that the Cardinals have interest in, but which are the most realistic?

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3. Tyler Glasnow

When I first began writing in December of 2021, I talked about how I loved the idea of Tyler Glasnow as a trade target for St. Louis. He's the kind of pitcher that you just love watching. He has elite strikeout stuff, is intimidating on the mound, has a great personality, and is ultra-competitive. At that time, he was coming off of a major injury, and I thought they could get him for a low price if they tried. Well, according to Goold, Glasnow is officially on the Cardinals' radar.

The Cardinals have interest in Glasnow, and see the presence of Zack Thompson, Drew Rom, Dakota Hudson, Gordon Graceffo, and other internal options as insurance in case Glasnow is unable to make a full season's worth of starts. They think betting on Glasnow's upside and knowing they can cover starts in the aggregate if needed could be a way to maximize the potential of the rotation next year.

If the Cardinals traded for Glasnow, what would that mean for the rest of the rotation? Well, he'll make $25 million in 2024, so part of that will depend on how much of that contract St. Louis takes on, who all they have to trade to get him, and how much they are willing to spend outside of him. My guess is he would be the second or third most reliable starter they look to acquire, and not just bet their house on him staying healthy.

Here is why I have him so high up on this list. I think the Cardinals have the assets to pull the deal off and would be interested in Glasnow as a rental option to stabilize things for 2024. After the season, they can hit him with the qualifying offer to get a draft pick and look to replace him with the likes of Tekoah Roby or Tink Hence, or they could even try and resign him if things work out. I cannot see the Cardinals paying three guys $20 mil+ in their rotation on long-term deals, but I can see them having one of those three being a one-year deal like Glasnow. Tampa may even be willing to eat some money, or take back some money, to get more talent in return.