Ranking the 5 most disappointing Cardinals so far in 2024

It has been a painful beginning to the season so far for these players, can they turn their fortunes around?
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1. Jordan Walker

The former top prospect in the Cardinals system continues to struggle to find his footing in the big leagues. He has had some great moments in his short career, but he has also had some lows, and he is just looking to put it all together.

Going into 2024 I thought the pressure would be off of Walker, the top prospect label has been lifted, he didn't have to worry about having to fight for a roster spot this year, and after ending last season with a solid stretch at the plate and steady improvement in the outfield, all signs were pointing to him breaking out this season. Safe to say I was wrong.

In 20 games with the Cardinals, he had a .155/.239/.259 slash line, zero home runs, and an OPS+ of 44. He was hitting the ball hard but he was beating the ball into the ground, the Cardinals see him as someone who should be driving the ball with more authority, which led to another demotion to Memphis.

Walker has now played more games this season in Memphis than with the big club. His slash line in 21 games in the minor leagues is .289/.341/.386, he has 7 extra-base hits, and 7 RBI, but again zero home runs. Combining Triple-A and the MLB, Walker has yet to hit a long ball in 158 plate appearances, that has to be concerning, doesn't it?

Thankfully for the Cardinals Walker just turned 22 years old, at least for now time is on their side to try and get him right, you just hope that the organization is not doing more harm than good. But regardless, if I told you on Opening Day that Jordan Walker would find himself in Memphis again by May, disappointing would be an understatement.