Ranking the 5 most disappointing Cardinals so far in 2024

It has been a painful beginning to the season so far for these players, can they turn their fortunes around?
St. Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals
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3. Zack Thompson

Zack Thompson's major league career has taken a very similar path to Pallante's. Just like Pallante, he had a great 2022 ( 2.08 ERA and 189 ERA+), but it has been a struggle ever since. After a rough start to the season last year, he was optioned to Memphis and was used as a starter which seemed to be the long-term plan for him, and he ended last season in the Cardinals rotation.

I thought Thompson pitched well enough last season down the stretch to earn a chance at cracking the rotation in 2024, and after Sonny Gray's injury in Spring Training, Thompson cracked the Opening Day rotation and started the second game of the season.

Sadly for Thompson, he got hit hard against the juggernaut Dodgers but what was most noticeable was that his velocity took a significant drop in that start. He only made one more start before he was put back in the bullpen. After giving up 24 hits and 18 runs in 17 innings, Thompson was sent to Memphis for the second consecutive season.

Like Pallante, Thompson is starting in Triple-A, and he has a 2.29 ERA so far in four starts. Both of these pitchers are young and have high ceilings, you hate to see how much they have struggled the last two seasons in the big leagues, especially after having very strong rookie campaigns. I just hope that the Cardinals can give these two guys a long-term plan for them, they need to decide whether or not they're starters or relievers and stop flip-flopping.