Ranking the 4 Cardinals' pieces that they should put on the table for young pitching

The Cardinals will have to give up value in order to get controllable starting pitching. Here is who they should use as trade bait

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#2 - Tommy Edman

Remember, I ranked the players on this list by using a combination of how valuable I think they are in trades, and how much I am willing to part with them versus other players.

Depending on the team the Cardinals are talking to, Tommy Edman may be the "least" valuable out of Nootbaar, Walker, Winn, Gorman, and Donovan, but he's still a guy that I think can headline a deal for a young starter, unlike Dylan Carlson.

Edman is currently dealing with a wrist injury, which could put a huge damper on his value. Edman has had a down year for St. Louis, with an 88 OPS+ and not quite having the same defense up the middle as he has had in recent years. He has now added being a very good defensive center fielder to his repertoire, which should be appealing to teams.

Long-term, Edman is still around league average as a hitter, and his ability to play very good defense at shortstop, second base, or center field is rare to find in the game today. He's one season removed from finishing 13th in all of baseball in WAR. Edman also still had multiple years of club control.

You kind of know what Edman is, which is great, but he doesn't seem to have much more left in terms of ceiling. You can sell other players the Cardinals have as also having another few gears they can turn on, but Edman is more of a finished product.

My guess is he probably is more valuable to the Cardinals than he is in a deal, but I could also see some teams falling in love with him. Regardless, he is still a very valuable player and would be a great trade piece if the Cardinals so choose. Honestly, he'd be the guy I'd be most willing to part with in a deal, but the last guy on this list may be the one the Cardinals need to let go of to get that stud starter.