Ranking the 4 Cardinals' pieces that they should put on the table for young pitching

The Cardinals will have to give up value in order to get controllable starting pitching. Here is who they should use as trade bait
St. Louis Cardinals at Toronto Blue Jays
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#3 - Dylan Carlson

I don't think many Cardinals fans would have a huge problem with them giving up Dylan Carlson to acquire a good starting pitcher with years of control. And therein lies the problem in ranking Carlson higher as a trade piece.

I like Carlson, and I go back and forth on him as a player. I still believe it's going to "click" for him at some point and he'll be a .280-.295 hitter with 15-20 HR power, doubles galore, and a good on-base percentage. But unless another team sees that in him and is willing to trade for him with the value of a guy who is that, I don't think he nets the Cardinals the kind of pitcher they need as the centerpiece of a deal.

In a really aggressive move, Carlson could be the second-best asset they give up, or he could be the best asset in a trade for a low-ceiling controllable starter, but I don't see how he gets them in the conversation for some of the best young arms around.

Carlson plays a great corner outfield defense and is a very capable center fielder as well. Those guys have value. The problem is, they don't have the value of a starting pitcher with control. It's easier to replace Dylan Carlson than it is to replace an impact starting pitcher with longevity.

In all honesty, I think Carlson will have more value staying with the Cardinals than being the headliner in a trade. I would rather St. Louis part with an asset that is going to hurt a little bit more to get a very good starting pitcher than give away Carlson for an okay option.