Ranking the 4 Cardinals' pieces that they should put on the table for young pitching

The Cardinals will have to give up value in order to get controllable starting pitching. Here is who they should use as trade bait
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Untouchable: Jordan Walker
Mostly untouchable: Brendan Donovan and Masyn Winn

It felt weird putting Jordan Walker, Brendan Donovan. and Masyn Winn in the same class of "untouchable", so I have Donovan and Winn a few ticks below Walker in this exercise.

Let's get this out of the way - Jordan Walker is not getting traded. End of discussion. Walker, Paul Goldschmidt, and Nolan Arenado are the three players who are truly untouchable. None of those three are getting traded.

Walker is a budding star and already belongs with some of the best with his performance at the plate. Once his defense comes along, he will be a perennial All-Star for the Cardinals. Sorry, I already said the discussion was over...let's move on.

Donovan and Winn feel like the two young position players that I see the Cardinals having the hardest time giving up. Donovan continues to prove that he is one of the most valuable players in this Cardinals team. His ability to come in every day and get on base, bring some pop to the plate as well, and play six different positions at an average to above-average level is irreplaceable. Just look at his ranks in the National League since 5/23.

So that's Donnie, what about Masyn Winn? The Cardinals' number one prospect looked incredible during Spring Training for St. Louis, and after starting off a bit slow in Memphis this year, he's been on fire as of late. Adam Akbani posted on Twitter that since 6/18, Winn is slashing .329/.385/.543 with a 128 wRC+. Winn is finally putting together some of the power potential he has while maintaining a great on-base ability. Put that ability with a rocket arm at shortstop and speed on the base paths, and you have a potential game-changer at shortstop.

Could I see the Cardinals potentially trading Donovan or Winn if it meant getting Dylan Cease or George Kirby? Depending on how much else they have to give up, I could see it. But outside of a truly blockbuster-type move, these guys are not on the move.