Predicting who makes St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day as Spring Training begins

Which brave and talented men will lead the Cardinals to victory next year?

St. Louis Cardinals v Miami Marlins
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Outfielders (5) -- Lars Nootbaar, Tommy Edman, Jordan Walker, Dylan Carlson, Alec Burleson

This part of the lineup is perhaps the deepest. Lars Nootbaar, Tommy Edman, and Jordan Walker are the starting outfielders, barring an injury or an apocalypse. Edman, fresh off a season in which he racked up 5 Outs Above Average in limited time, will claim center field. He should be fully recovered by Opening Day from his wrist surgery. Lars Nootbaar will finally get a full run (assuming he's healthy) in left field, and Jordan Walker will have every opportunity to show off his stuff in right field.

Dylan Carlson is a strong fourth outfielder, and Alec Burleson will fill in both in the outfield and first base. Any one of these players could be a starting outfielder for most teams in baseball, and the Cardinals are lucky to have all 5 on their roster right now. Behind these 5 outfielders, the Cardinals have Moises Gomez, Victor Scott II, and Michael Siani on the ready.

St. Louis's lineup features an array of handedness versatility (5 left-handed batters and two switch hitters), and positional flexibility. Edman can play any position except catcher, Donovan can play every position except center and catcher, Gorman can play second base or third base, Lars Nootbaar and Dylan Carlson can man all three outfield spots, and Alec Burleson can be adept in the corner outfield or first base. This lineup is talented, deep, and versatile.