Predicting which roster moves the Cardinals' will make after terrible road trip

St. Louis Cardinals v Los Angeles Dodgers
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Move #3 - Juan Yepez is recalled, Taylor Motter optioned once again

The best thing for Juan Yepez is to be getting everyday at-bats somewhere. The best thing for the Cardinals is to have his bat available to them, whether that is off the bench or in their lineup.

Yepez has done nothing but hit in Memphis this year, and with how the Cardinals' lineup is performing, it's hard to know why he isn't in the mix. It further complicates the log jam with Yepez on the roster, but who cares at this point?


Taylor Motter's role on the club is basically as a roster filler right now, and while that actually works well when the other position players are firing on all cylinders, the club needs to go with all of their best options right now.

I would expect Yepez to DH against left-handed pitching, get some starts against right-handers, and then be a great bat off the bench for St. Louis for the foreseeable future.

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