Predicting when each prospect acquired at the trade deadline could join the Cardinals

The Cardinals acquired 10 players, though just one is currently on the major league roster? When will each one be ready to help the team?

Tekoah Roby Takes the Mound
Tekoah Roby Takes the Mound / Ben Ludeman/Texas Rangers/GettyImages
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RHP Sem Robberse

Robberse's development is full of interesting tidbits. He was stranded in Toronto throughout COVID and played professionally in Denmark as a teenager. He's one of the very few European players affiliated with MLB. Now, he's been traded to the Cardinals, acquired alongside Kloffenstein in the Hicks trade. He is the more highly touted of the two but is less experienced.

The Cardinals aggressively assigned him to AAA. Unfortunately, his first outing was a disaster. Robberse can bounce back, but it may be wise to do so at a lower level. He may someday throw four average to above-average offerings. At just 21, he has plenty of time and is already pitching in the highest levels of the minors. Hopefully, he will make meaningful improvements between now and the end of the season. Robberse could help in 2024, considering his age and development, but it is likely that if he debuts it will be near the end of the season. He could definitely be ready for the rotation by the beginning of 2025, though.