Predicting when each prospect acquired at the trade deadline could join the Cardinals

The Cardinals acquired 10 players, though just one is currently on the major league roster? When will each one be ready to help the team?
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INF Thomas Saggese

Saggese is in a similar position as Prieto. He's an advanced hitter with some defensive versatility. Unfortunately, he's in a system flushed with these types of players. Saggese has a better bat than Prieto and is also three years younger. Though he's in AA, Saggese stands the chance of being promoted this season, as he's dominating the level. With significant power emerging, Saggese is solidifying himself as an exciting prospect. He could easily become an everyday player at the big league level.

Saggese unfortunately suffers from the same circumstances as Prieto. As a younger player at a less advanced level, the effects are even more pronounced. Noah Mendlinger (22) may get a chance. Though old for the level, Chandler Redmond is mashing in 2023 and may prove enough to at least receive a promotion to AAA. Saggese will probably start in Memphis in 2024, and his play will determine how the Cardinals handle him. I expect he will see the field at some point in 2024, though he has slightly lower odds than Prieto.