Predicting when each prospect acquired at the trade deadline could join the Cardinals

The Cardinals acquired 10 players, though just one is currently on the major league roster? When will each one be ready to help the team?
Tekoah Roby Takes the Mound
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C Sammy Hernandez

Hernandez is the least known quantity the Cardinals received. He has some upside, he's a catcher with strong defensive grades. His bat has also shown some real potential, as he's already smacked a couple of homers in his short four-game stint with the Cardinals organization. His career with the Cardinals has begun with a bang. While exciting, the sample is far too small to determine much of anything.


Due to Hernandez's inexperience and age, it is difficult to determine when he could reach the majors. He is likely at least three to four years away from a major league debut, even if he develops quickly. It will be much easier to evaluate Hernandez if and when he moves to full-season ball. Until then, he remains mostly unknown, and at the bottom of this list.

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