Paul Goldschmidt: "The results are going to tell the story" on Cardinals season

St. Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers
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Paul Goldschmidt's comments were both optimistic and pointed about the Cardinals' 7-11 start

  1. At the end of the day, results will tell the story of the 2023 Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals' start to their 2023 season has gone about as bad as it could have thus far. Even as I sit back and look at the encouraging statistics that indicate a rebound is coming, no one is happy with a 7-11 record, and no one can confidently say "Everything is fine".

And yet, I do remain optimistic about this team and its talent. On paper, and honestly, even on the field most of the time, this club is better than a 7-11 record, and yet, results matter. 18 games is still a small sample size, but once we get to 50 or even 75 games, you start to run out of excuses for the team.

And Paul Goldschmidt agrees with that sentiment.

Fresh off winning the 2022 National League Most Valuable Player award, Goldschmidt has once again been one of the players in all of baseball, and he's just as unhappy with the Cardinals' start as fans are. Goldschmidt isn't panicking, but he does understand that eventually, results tells the story. Here is a quote from Goldschmidt about the Cardinals' start to their season that was relayed from Jeff Jones.

"I think the rest of the year is going to kind of tell us. If we continue, you know, we play well the rest of the year, this will be defined as a stretch that just wasn't out best or breaks didn't go our way or whatever. And if we don't play well - how many do we have left? 140-something, I'm guessing - if we don't play well, then this will probably be described as something that was foretelling of the future. The good news is we've got the rest of the season in our control, and I think that's how we think of it. I think everyone's very positive and feels that we're going to play better and find a way to start winning some games. But also, I think the results - all that is good, that feeling is good, but the results are going to tell the story. That is a very fair game. The scoreboard doesn't lie, especially over the long run. We have the opportunity to win a lot of games. If we do that, then that's what we're trying to do."

Paul Goldschmidt

At the end of the day, results will tell the story of the 2023 Cardinals

When I read that quote from Paul Goldschmidt, I think of two things - leadership and accountability. As one of the club's leaders, Goldschmidt needs to maintain a positive outlook on the season while calling his teammates to a higher standard. He knows this club should be winning more games, and he knows they are not far off from doing so, but he also knows at the end of the day, the scoreboard is what matters.

Giving up on the Cardinals this soon would be a big mistake. Their talent is far too great to be written off already, and honestly, there are probably some moves to be made to improve this roster in the coming months.

Goldschmidt hit the nail on the head. If the club turns things around soon, this slow start will truly be a bump in the road, a series of events that "just didn't go their way". But if this continues into May and bleeds into the summer, you just have the begin to accept this as this club's reality and destiny.

I remain optimistic that this club is primed to turn things around in a big way, and if not, this is going to be a long 2023 season.

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