MLB player comparisons for 6 Cardinals' prospects

Player comparisons are a tough game to play, as each player is unique and rarely lineup perfectly with one another. These six comps are to help us get an idea of who these players could become.
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Victor Scott II: Kenny Lofton

I had a really hard time picking a comparison for Victor Scott II at first. Vince Coleman is the one most people go to as a Cardinals legend a stolen base machine, but he was more of a left fielder in his career and wasn't a Gold Glove defender at any point. Harrison Bader is another fun one, but outside of the defense, they feel like different players.

As I dug deep into some past examples of center fielders who were 80-grade defenders and stolen base threats, Kenny Lofton became the clear comparison for me. Lofton stole over 50 bags in a season six different times in his career, something I expect Scott II to do many times as well, but he also brought home four Gold Gloves in his career, something I also think Scott II has the ability to do.

Lofton was a .794 OPS guy in his career (107 OPS+), mixing in about 10 HR power with 30 doubles and 9 triples a year while getting on base at a high clip. Once again, that's the kind of offensive profile that Scott II will be looking to be as a big leaguer as well.

Scott II broke out in a huge way this year, swiping 94 bags while slashing .303/.369/.425 while playing 66 games in Peoria and 66 games in Springfield. He has quickly risen up prospect rankings for his elite speed, defense, and developing bat, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's roaming center field for St. Louis by the end of the 2024 season.