MLB player comparisons for 6 Cardinals' prospects

Player comparisons are a tough game to play, as each player is unique and rarely lineup perfectly with one another. These six comps are to help us get an idea of who these players could become.
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Thomas Saggese: Matt Carpenter

I promise it's more than the fact that neither of them wears batting gloves, but Thomas Saggese just really gives me Matt Carpenter vibes in the best ways.

Saggese just won the Texas League Most Valuable Player Award after being acquired at the trade deadline by the Cardinals, finishing with 26 HR, 111 RBI, and a .904 OPS across Double-A and Triple-A this season. He's a bat-first utility player who can play at shortstop, third base, or second base while doing the majority of his damage as a player at the plate.

Carpenter was a very similar player during his Cardinals' tenure, finding himself at first base, second base, and third base on any given day and posting a .849 OPS during the prime of his Cardinals' career. He began as more of a doubles and on-base guy but saw his power evolve later in his career.

Carpenter was an MVP candidate for multiple years, so that would be a pretty lofty goal for Saggese to chase after, but I think he can find his way into the Cardinals' order on a daily basis based on what his bat can do. Brendan Donovan is a similar kind of player as well, but he's doing it from the left side of the plate and bringing outfield versatility to the table as well.