MLB player comparisons for 6 Cardinals' prospects

Player comparisons are a tough game to play, as each player is unique and rarely lineup perfectly with one another. These six comps are to help us get an idea of who these players could become.
Milwaukee Brewers v St. Louis Cardinals
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While St. Louis Cardinals fans turn their attention to the future of this club, there are a number of young players who could be a big part of the club's retool.

Of course, names like Jordan Walker, Lars Nootbaar, Nolan Gorman, and Brendan Donovan are major parts of that, but there are also a number of other names in the Cardinals' pipeline whom fans can get excited about now. Masyn Winn, the Cardinals' top prospect, is already getting his feet wet in St. Louis, and there's a mix of pitchers and position players waiting in the wings to come join him.

The Cardinals have been one of the best teams in baseball at drafting and developing in recent years and just had a strong trade deadline that bolstered their system even more. A number of those names could make their debuts in 2024, and will surely be factors for the club in 2025 and beyond.

But what kind of players are some of these top prospects? What kind of expectations should we have for the rising talent in the Cardinals' system and what kind of impact can they make on this ballclub?

That's always a tricky game to play, as no team knows exactly what their players will become. Top prospects flame out all the time, some develop new traits that you did not see in them before, and sometimes injuries or circumstances rob us of a player's true potential.

Even so, it's fun to dream about what kinds of players these prospects can be, and I've given six of the Cardinals prospects - Masyn Winn, Tekoah Roby, Tink Hence, Thomas Saggese, Victor Scott II, and Chase Davis - comps to various MLB players, both past and present. While none of these comparisons are perfect, they should give us a glimpse of what kinds of players we may see these prospects become.