Looking back on the last time the Cardinals finished under .500

The Cardinals are going to finish under .500 for the first time in 16 years. What was that dissapointing 2007 season like?
St. Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals
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The Return Of Rick Ankiel

The highlight of the year came in August when Rick Ankiel was called up to the Majors. Scott Spiezio had been placed on the restricted list due to substance abuse issues, and Ankiel was his replacement.

Out of nowhere, Ankiel began hitting bombs. He had made his MLB debut as an ace pitcher in 2000 before developing a bad habit of wildness in the postseason, which plagued him for several years and caused him to quit pitching. As a hitter, he was something else. That year, he hit .285 with 11 homers and 39 RBI in his first year back in the Majors since 2004.

Ankiel also helped provide a spark for the Cardinals, who were well out of contention to start August but found themselves back in the mix by the end of the month. But it wasn't enough to save the season.