Just wait until you see what Keith Law had to say about Cardinals' Masyn Winn

Cardinals' nation tends to think Keith Law is low on Cardinals prospects, but in his recent top 100 prospect rankings, he has Masyn Winn higher than anyone else
St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies
St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Recently, publications around the industry have been releasing their top 100 prospect lists, providing people around the game to discuss the state of different farm systems and see where their favorite prospects check in on the rankings.

Depending on the outlet, the St. Louis Cardinals have had various players make the top 100 lists. Masyn Winn and Tink Hence have made every top 100 list, while many of them have also included some combination of Tekoah Roby, Thomas Saggese, and Victor Scott II.

While there's been a lot to take from the different opinions of these various outlets, I was extremely surprised when I saw what Keith Law had to say about Winn on his top 100 list over on The Athletic (subscription required).

Yup, you read that right, Law had Winn all the way up as the 16th best prospect in all of baseball, by far the highest ranking Winn has received from a national outlet. Like all other outlets, Law lauded Winn for his elite defensive tools and his 70-grade speed, but Law was much higher on who Winn can become as a player than most have given him credit for.

I highly recommend subscribing to The Athletic and checking out the incredible worth here from Law, other national writers and Cardinals beat writer Katie Woo. I won't include Law's full analysis here, but I do want to highlight how Law thinks Winn has an extremely high floor as a player and his bat is much better than people give him credit for.

The Cardinals have lacked a long-term solution at shortstop for decades now. The Cardinals have created an opportunity this spring for Winn to step into that role and run with it, and if he does, he'll put an end to the never ending cycle of shortstops they've had to rely on over the years.

Shortstop is one of the most important positions in baseball, so finding a player with elite defense, speed, and an intriguing bat at the position is something that makes Winn a very valuable part of the Cardinals' future. Add him to a young core that already includes Jordan Walker, Lars Nootbaar, Nolan Gorman, and Brendan Donovan, and you can see why the Cardinals are very high on the future of their position player group.