Jack Flaherty trade ideas after the Lucas Giolito trade

Now that the Trade Deadline has officially been kicked off, we have a better idea of Jack Flaherty's value in the market. Let's look at three new trade ideas with Jack Flaherty as the centerpiece.
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Jack Flaherty trade idea No. 3) Orioles

Surprisingly enough, the Baltimore Orioles hold sole possession of first place in the gauntlet that is the American League East. Their youth infusion has pushed them far beyond their preseason expectations. Their offense is full of power and potency. Their rotation and bullpen could use some help, however.

Currently, the Orioles are 16th in team ERA, 21st in hits allowed, and 20th in opponent batting average. While being middle-of-the-pack is fine, the Orioles could be contending for a World Series this year. Flaherty would provide a boost to the rotation and those statistics.

Baltimore is employing Kyle Gibson, Kyle Bradish, Grayson Rodriguez, Tyler Wells, and Dean Kremer. Tyler Wells is having a great year (0.99 WHIP, .198 opponent average, 3.65 ERA), and Kyle Gibson and Dean Kremer are strong back-end starters. Flaherty would give their rotation a boost overall. He could slot in as the No. 3 starter behind Wells and Kremer. This also allows the Orioles to give Grayson Rodriguez (6.91 ERA, 1.66 WHIP, .300 batting average against) more time to develop in the minors. He could be called back up in September to fill in some innings and get ready for the postseason.

The Orioles have a significant lack of starting rotation prospects. This makes it hard again for the Cardinals to make a deal with them, as pitching is needed by the Cardinals as well. The Orioles do have one pitcher in the minors who might be appealing to the Cardinals: DL Hall.

Hall is a power-throwing lefty with great strikeout numbers. In 2022, he struck out 137 batters in only 84 innings across the minor leagues. Most recently, he has fallen out of favor with the Orioles. He has plenty of health concerns and his walk numbers are too high for comfort. He has a high ceiling should he figure out the command issues.