Jack Flaherty trade ideas after the Lucas Giolito trade

Now that the Trade Deadline has officially been kicked off, we have a better idea of Jack Flaherty's value in the market. Let's look at three new trade ideas with Jack Flaherty as the centerpiece.
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While there have been smaller bullpen moves thus far at the Trade Deadline, Lucas Giolito's move to Los Angeles from Chicago has by far been the biggest. Giolito was a top pitcher available at this deadline, and it was assumed by many that he would fetch a high return for the White Sox. It wasn't suspected, however, to be two of the top-three players in a team's farm system.

The Giolito trade gives us a better idea of the market and the demand for starting pitchers. It is most definitely a sellers' market at this point, as if it weren't already. The return for Giolito gives us a better idea of what Jack Flaherty and Jordan Montgomery might get the Cardinals in return. The Chicago White Sox gave up Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez for catcher Edgar Quero (#70 overall, 9th best catcher) and Ky Bush (unranked overall, 3rd in Angels organization).

It is important to remember that each farm system and prospect list is different. The Angels, for example, have right around the 19th-best farm system, per Bleacher Report. Teams such as the Dodgers (2nd), Diamondbacks (16th), Texas Rangers (10th), and Orioles (1st), four teams most linked to starting pitchers, have substantially better farm systems. Therefore, we can start to predict the prospects the Cardinals can expect. They may not be top-3 prospects for one of the two starters alone, but the Cardinals can expect a top-100 prospect for one player or multiple prospects should Jack or Jordan be paired with a reliever.

I'll identify four new trades, one for each of the teams mentioned, for Jack Flaherty. Some will be Jack alone, while others will include Flaherty in a package. The Dodgers, for example, have been very outspoken about wanting a starter and a reliever. The Orioles, meanwhile, could use just a starter, as they are trying to be savvy buyers at this deadline.

Before the trade discussions, it is important to note what Flaherty has done for the Cardinals. While he has fought injuries for most of his career, he has been quite outspoken about his love for the city. After his most recent start against the Diamondbacks, his emotions were clear. Katie Woo made this very evident in her recent threads on Twitter. Like Flaherty's personality or not, he was always a competitor who gave it his all and continually gave the Cardinals a chance to win. All Flaherty knows is the Cardinals, and he has spent nearly 10 years in the organization. If he is traded or not resigned, he will be missed in the city.