Issues with 3 impending FA pitchers that could impact the Cardinals' offseason

While the Cardinals may not have been looking to target each of these names, it's clear that the free-agent pitching market is thinning out.

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Julio Urias

On Sunday, the Dodgers received bad news on Julio Urias.

Jeff Passan of ESPN revealed that the left-hander had been arrested for domestic violence. Sadly, this is not the first time that something like this has reared its ugly head with Urias, and there are several issues that the Cardinals will want to have a closer look at.

Firstly, the off-the-field issues are something that the Cardinals are going to have to consider. The charges against Urias are very serious and should be treated as so. Situations like this are bigger than baseball.

Another issue that could present itself is the effect that this situation has on the rest of the free agent market. These issues could turn off several of Urias' suitors and cause teams to look elsewhere. This means that the demand for pitchers such as Nola and Snell will be higher.

More teams will be in on them, and the prices will go up, which could pose a problem for the Cardinals, a team that generally doesn't like to get into bidding wars for top-level free agents. The David Price situation from 2015 is a perfect example.