Injury updates for 5 St. Louis Cardinals players who have been on the mend

A quick rundown of the injured Cardinals and their expected return.
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CF Tommy Edman

Status: 10-day IL

Tommy Edman's injury has been the most confusing on this list. He had arthroscopic surgery on his wrist in October, but that news didn't break until January of 2024. Once the cat was out of the bag, concern grew that Edman may miss at least some time in spring training and possibly even during the regular season.

The news cycle went dark surrounding Edman until March when camp opened up. He tried some workouts in early March, but pain lingered in his right wrist. Edman was shut down and placed on the Injured List immediately. He sat out all of spring training and was out of commission during the early season as well.

Edman has slowly been progressing with front toss and tee work, though he is a bit behind Dylan Carlson. While the two were on similar schedules as recently as April 10th, Carlson appears to have outpaced Edman in recovery. Edman has been hitting off the tee from both sides of the plate. No reports have indicated lingering pain at this point in his recovery, so his recovery process won't be interrupted any longer.

Both Carlson and Edman's returns will displace players currently on the major league roster. Jose Fermin and Michael Siani stand to be the most likely candidates to get demoted, though Pedro Pages could see a move back to Memphis in the near future. Regardless of who stays and who goes at this point, having players like Dylan Carlson and Tommy Edman back will bolster both the offense and defense in key positions.

Michael Siani has played excellent defense in the outfield, but his bat has left a lot to be desired. Carlson and Edman are both career-average hitters, but Carlson has shown an ability to be an above-average hitter with a good glove and strong arm. Edman's return to the field will allow Marmol to play players where he originally intended them to play.