If the Cardinals are deadline buyers, two postseason heroes should be their targets

While many of us were ready to write the Cardinals off, they've come back with a vengeance. And if they end up buying instead of selling, these two postseason heroes should be their targets
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Nathan Eovaldi

Another option for the Cardinals is Nathan Eovaldi. He has a player option for 2025 and his stats are quite good this season. In eight starts, Eovaldi has gone 2-2 and posted a 2.84 ERA.

Because of this, Eovaldi is likely going to cost significantly more, and given the Cardinals' track record, it might be unlikely that this deal comes to fruition.

But like Montgomery, he is a proven postseason pitcher and one that not only played a key role in the Rangers winning it all last fall, but somebody who essentially carried the Red Sox in 2018 when they won their last title.

The Cardinals will have to get creative if they want to pull off a deal for him. It might even require trading somebody like Victor Scott II. And before anybody goes after me on Twitter, it's important to remember that in order to receive, one must give, and the price tag for Eovaldi will be quite high if the Rangers decide to sell.

The Cardinals can't keep settling for half-measures, and this would be a perfect way for John Mozeliak to show the fans that he does indeed care about winning and wants to pull out all the stops to make St. Louis a World Series contender.

Will he do this? Probably not. But it's not a bad idea for him to at least give the Rangers a call when the time comes. It's also fun to imagine what he and Gray could do for them in the postseason should they get there.