How the Cardinals' can save the development of each of their young bats

Pittsburgh Pirates v St. Louis Cardinals
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Alec Burleson

Start against right-handed pitching, weapon off the bench otherwise.

Similar to Yepez, Alec Burleson is a great bat to have on your team and should factor into the lineup a good amount, but his playing time comes behind other guys on this list.

Burleson has proven this year that he should be in the lineup against right-handed pitching. He has struggled as of late though, which gives him a pretty short leash on the club.

If Burleson cannot get his bat going consistently again, I actually think he's a guy who could find himself in Memphis and either Carlson or Walker can replace him, or Donovan can start out there. But at least for the near future, I am comfortable riding with him.

The Cardinals really could use his left-handed bat producing in their lineup, and even if he's not starting, he's a nice option for Marmol off the bench to have.