How the Cardinals' can save the development of each of their young bats

Pittsburgh Pirates v St. Louis Cardinals
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Brendan Donovan

Get back to playing almost every day by finding more playing time in the outfield

As shocking as it still is for many of us, DeJong's bat and defense are too good to keep out of the lineup right now. If that continues, the Cardinals can still get Brendan Donovan consistent playing time by allowing him to fill in for their primary starters all across the diamond.

Before the season, I said the Cardinals really need Donovan to be their "Ben Zobrist", which is really the role he needs to fill today. If Carlson is off the roster, Donovan becomes the "next man up" at every position on the diamond outside of center field and catcher. Donovan can realistically play 75%-80% of the Cardinals' games just by spelling their primary starters.

Donovan can also find playing time in games he doesn't start as a late-game substitution, whether it's defensive or offensive. And let's be honest, DeJong's hot start can easily flip the opposite direction at some point, or Edman could need his playing time reduced if Donovan and Gorman are outplaying him.